Biographical entry: Stuyvenberg, Daniel W.


Ordained a Catholic priest in 1935, Netherlands-born Daniel W. Stuyvenberg arrived in the Solomon Islands in 1937 and first served at Visale (q.v.) for two years, after which he went to Mbuma Mission Station on Malaita as assistant to Father Donation Coicaud (q.v.). He took charge of the station in 1942 and remained there until his elevation to Bishop. During his early years he returned to Europe only once, in 1950, accompanied by Abraham Osefera (q.v.) of Malaita. He served at Mbuma for nineteen years.

In December 1959 Stuyvenberg was appointed Titular Bishop of Dionysiana and Vicar Apostolic of the South Solomons, to succeed Bishop Jean Mary Aubin (q.v.). He was consecrated at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Sydney on 24 February 1959 by the Apostolic Delegate Archbishop Carboni. He received an honorary C.B.E. In 1968. (NS Jan. 1958, Sept. 1958, Sept. 1959, 15 May 1962, Dec. 1958, Mar. 1961, 31 Jan. 1968)

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