Biographical entry: Aubin, Jean Mary (1882 - 1967)

28 August 1967


Jean Mary Aubin was born in France in 1882 and ordained in the Diocese of Nantes in 1906. He joined the Society of Mary and took his vows in August 1907. He arrived in the Solomon Islands as a young priest in 1909 and became secretary to Bishop Bertreux and captain of the mission ship Jean d'Arc. In 1920, he founded the mission station at Ruavatu and then in 1933 was transferred to Tangarare. That year he was appointed bishop in succession to Bishop Raucaz, and consecrated in Wellington, New Zealand. During the Second World War, Aubin lived at Visale, and on the day the Americans arrived he was accidently machine-gunned by a U.S. fighter plane. Once Visale became unsafe, the Americans insisted that Aubin and his small remaining party be evacuated to Malaita. Apart from short visits to France in 1928, 1948 and 1954, he spent the rest of his life in the Protectorate. Succeeded by Bishop Daniel Stuyvenberg (q.v.) in 1959, he retired to Visale where he worked for the Melanesian Sisters' congregation. He was granted the title of Assistant to the Papal Throne, held a C.B.E. and was a Commander, Legion of Honour. He resigned at age seventy-nine and spent his final years at Visale. In 1966 he celebrated sixty years in the priesthood. He died on 28 August 1967. (NS Oct. 1960, 31 Dec. 1962, 8 July 1966; AR 1967, 9; O'Brien 1995, 216, 230)

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