Biographical entry: Coicaud, Donation (Donatiey) Joseph Pierre ( - 1957)

11 January 1957


Donation (Donatiey) Joseph Pierre Coicaud from France trained as a Marist Catholic priest and came to the Pacific from France in 1910, appointed to New Caledonia. In 1912, he was transferred to the BSIP where his brother, Father Jean-Baptiste Coicaud, was already stationed. Father Donation was first posted to Rua Sura and Visale (q.v.), and in 1913 was sent to Rohinari Mission on Malaita. In 1914, he was posted to Mbuma station where he remained until his death on 11 January 1957. From 1914 until the early 1930s, Father Coicaud made frequent journeys along the Malaita coast around Mbuma in the Mission ketch Hambia, and later on a smaller vessel. A 1939 report suggests that his health had deteriorated badly. He established a reputation for his medical work and for his knowledge of Malaitan customs and languages. Father Coicaud spent thirty-nine years in all in the BSIP, broken only by four years (1939-1945) in Australia during the war. He died in January 1957. (NS 22 Jan. 1957; WPHC 4/IV MP 2736/1939, W. C. Groves 'Report on Education on Malaita', 21 Oct. 1939)

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