Corporate entry: British Civil Servants' Association


The first Solomon Islander members of the British Civil Servants' Association committee in the mid-1950s were Alphonse Daga (q.v.), Solomon Dakei (q.v.), V. Kolopetsi, and W. Maelaua. By 1959, this group had changed to P. Balekana, B. Gina (q.v.), A. Siau, Fred Osifelo (q.v.) and O. Sitai. During 1960-1961 the indigenous members were Solomon Dakei, Fred Osifelo, Tako, and Taki. In 1963, they had been replaced by Francis Kikolo (q.v.) and David Dawea-Taukalo (q.v.), and Francis Bugotu (q.v.) and W. Toliliu. (PIM June 1955; NS Jan. 1959, Jan. 1961, 31 Jan. 1963)

Published resources


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