Biographical entry: Dawea-Taukalo, David (1921 - )



David Dawea-Taukalo was born at Malombu in the Reef Islands in 1921. He was educated at All Hallows' School at Pawa (q.v.) on Ugi before studying medicine in Fiji, where he graduated in 1946. He served at various medical posts in the Solomons as an Assistant Medical Officer, and supplemented his medical degree with a Diploma in Surgery and Medicine. In April 1960 he attended a six-month public health course at the Nuffield Medical Centre in Suva. He held a Diploma of Surgery and Medicine, and a Certificate of Public Health. Dawea-Taukalo was the first Medical Officer to be posted at the new hospital at Santa Cruz, and in 1970 he became the Eastern Outer Islands' member in the new Governing Council (q.v.). (NS Apr. 1960, 15 June 1970)

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