Biographical entry: Masuraa, Willie


Willie Masuraa was the son of Luke Masuraa (q.v.). A small man like his father, he was educated at All Hallows' School at Pawa (q.v.) on Ugi before becoming a member of the Melanesian Brotherhood (q.v.). Ordained a priest in 1942, he was posted to 'Are'are, where there were few Christians. He began the concept of Church Associations, which were the most important indigenous Anglican development since Ini Kopuria (q.v.) had founded the Melanesian Brotherhood (q.v.). Rev. Charles Fox (q.v.) described him as the 'unofficial Archdeacon of South Mala', so great was his influence there. The intention of the Church Association was to try to make the Anglican Melanesian Mission self-funding. On Malaita, the Association assessed the level of tithe for every communicant. The Association then spread to Nggela where it flourished, leasing land for a farm and beginning School, Medical, Missionary, Literature and Finance committees. The system considerably boosted the funds of the Church on Nggela. (Fox 1958, 170, 1962, 109-110)

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