Biographical entry: Lilo, Gordon Darcy (1965 - )

28 August 1965
Prime Minister


Gordon Darcy Lilo was born on 28 August 1965 in Ghatere village on Kolombangara Island. He attended the Betikama Seventh-day Adventist school, and holds a B.A. degree in economics and a postgraduate diploma from the University of Papua New Guinea. Prime Minister Solomon Mamaloni (q.v.) appointed Lilo to Permanent Secretary positions in the Ministries of Finance and the Environment. He later earned an Masters degree in economics from the Australian National University, and in 1999 he established a logging company called Viuru Development Trust. He was elected to the National Parliament in 2001, and served as Minister for Finances in four successive governments. Lilo was elected Prime Minister on 16 November 2011, replacing his cousin Danny Philip (q.v.).