Biographical entry: Ho'ota, Daniel (1942 - )

September 1942


Daniel Ho'ota was born at Mwadjoa, Ulawa in September 1942. He attended primary school on Ulawa (1952-1953) and went on to the Anglican schools at St. Barnabas' School at Alangaula (q.v.) (1956-1958) and All Hallows' School at Pawa (q.v.) (1959-1961). Then he transferred to King George VI School (q.v.) at Auki (1962-1965) and obtained his Cambridge General Certificate of Education.

Ho'ota joined the government service in 1966 as a clerical assistant and became an administrative officer (1975-1976). During 1970-1971 he attended South Devon Technical College in England, where he obtained his Diploma in Public and Social Administration. He attended the University of the South Pacific in 1973. Ho'ota was elected as the Legislative Assembly (q.v.) member for Ulawa and Ugi in the 1976 general election and was appointed Minister for Health and Welfare (1976-1978), and then, in February 1978, Minister of Youth and Cultural Affairs. (Saemala 1979, 44-45; SND 9 July 1976)

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