Biographical entry: Barnett, Frederick Joshua


Frederick Joshua Barnett was Deputy Resident Commissioner of the BSIP and succeeded C. M. Woodford (q.v.), serving as Acting Resident Commissioner for three years (1915-1918). He first arrived in Tulagi in the early 1900s as assistant to Woodford, and also ran the postal service and the Treasury. During his time as Acting Resident Commissioner he had a serious dispute with Malaita District Officer William R. Bell (q.v.). He was more interested in the rituals of the British Empire than the practicalities of running the Protectorate. Charles Rufus Marshall Workman (q.v.) replaced him. (Welsch 1998, 25-26)

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  • Welsch, Robert L. (ed.), An American Anthropologist in Melanesia: A.B. Lewis and the Joseph N. Field South Pacific Expedition, 1909-1913, University of Hawai`i Press, Honolulu, 1998. Details