Party: Resident Commissioners


This office was subordinated to the High Commissioner for the British Western Pacific. Until 3 July 1952 the High Commissioner was also the Governor of Fiji.

1893-1896 None

1896-1915 Charles Morris Woodford (q.v.) (b. 1852-d. 1937)

1915-1918 (acting) Frederick Joshua Barnett (q.v.) (b. 1859-d. ?)

1918-1921 Charles Rufus Marshall Workman (q.v.) (b. 1874-d. 1942)

1921-1929 Richard Rutledge Kane (q.v.) (b. ?-d. 1958)

1929-1939 Francis Noel Ashley (q.v.) (b. 1884-d. 1976)

1939-1943 William Sydney Marchant (q.v.) (b. 1894-d. 1953)

(1942-45: also refer to: Japanese Commanders)

1943-1948 Owen Cyril Noel (q.v.) (b. 1898)

1948-1950 J.D.A. Germond (Acting)

1950-1953 Henry Graham Gregory-Smith (q.v.)

April 1952 Peter Hughes (Acting)

May 1952 Philip A. Richardson (Acting)

For 1953-1978, see High Commissioners for the Western Pacific (q.v.), who exercised direct administration based at Honiara from 1 January 1953.