Corporate entry: Public Service Commission


A Public Service Advisory Board was established in September 1968. It met regularly and implemented structural and localisation policies. The first Chairman was J.R.C. Pincombe, who in October 1974 relinquished the position to Frederick A. Osifelo (q.v.), the first Solomon Islander to hold the position. The other members were Rev Norman K. Palmer (q.v.), Alphonso Daga (q.v.), H. Creighton, and Mariano Kelesi (q.v.), with Senior Administrative Officer J. A. Jones as Secretary. This Board became a Commission under the provisions of sections 66 to 68 of the 1974 Constitution. (AR 1974, 140-141) See also British Solomon Island Protectorate, Administration.

Published resources


  • British Solomon Islands Protectorate, British Solomon Islands Protectorate Annual Reports (AR), 1896-1973. Details