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In 1960, the Advisory Council (q.v.) was replaced by the nominated Executive Council and Legislative Council (q.v.). Some of the Solomon Islander members of the Executive Council were: Rev. Leonard Alufurai, Jack Campbell, Baddeley Devesi, David Kausimae, Mariano Kelesi, W. G. Paia, Michael Rapasia, Gordon Siama (all q.v.) and David Raysay. The President of the Executive Council at the end of 1969 was High Commissioner for the Western Pacific Sir Michael D. I. Gass (q.v.). The ex-officio members were L. M. Davies, C.M.G., O.B.E (Chief Secretary), D. R. Davies (Attorney-General) and Tom Russell (q.v.) (Financial Secretary). The Public Service member was R. Davies, O.B.E. The elected members were W. D. Ramsay M.L.C. (Honiara), Gordon Siama (q.v.) M.L.C. (Northwest Solomons), Jack Campbell (q.v.) M.L.C. (Makira) and David Kausimae M.L.C. (South Malaita). (AR 1969, 138)

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  • British Solomon Islands Protectorate, British Solomon Islands Protectorate Annual Reports (AR), 1896-1973. Details