Biographical entry: Thompson, Peter K. (1932 - 2005)

26 December 2005


Peter Thompson was born in Riverton, New Zealand in 1932. He received his training for ministry in England and South Australia and, after being ordained priest in Adelaide in 1957, joined the Diocese of Melanesia (q.v.) that year. In 1957-1959 he was on the staff of All Hallows' School at Pawa (q.v.), and from 1962-1968 he was Archdeacon of Malaita and the Outer Eastern Solomons. In 1968-1970 he was Archdeacon of North Melanesia. Thompson was elected to the Legislative Council (q.v.) in 1967, and as the member for North Central Malaita in the 1970 Governing Council. Upon his election in 1970 he ceased to be involved in active church ministry but held a General License. He was returned in 1973 as member for West Kwara'ae. He was actively involved in the Malaita Development Corporation. He left the Solomons in 1976 and served in several parishes in Australia. Peter was married to Joanna from Sikaiana and they had five daughters. He died in Queensland on 26 December 2005. (NS 15 June 1970; Terry Brown, personal communication, 22 Nov. 2011)

Published resources


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