Biographical entry: Tepaika, John (1939 - )



John Tepaika was born in 1939 on Rennell Island. He was educated at King George VI School (q.v.) (1950-1953) and Queen Victoria School in Fiji (1965-1957). When he returned to the Solomon Islands he became a Wireless Operator at Auki Post Office in 1958, then a radio operator on government ships (1960-1963). He completed marine training between 1963 and 1967, obtaining a Master Solomon Islands Certificate and was master of a government ship (1967-1970). He resigned from government service and from 1970-1973 worked for Markwarth Shipping Co. Tepaika entered local council politics and became the first President of the Central Islands Council (1974-1976) and served as chairman of the Central Education Board. He was elected as member for Rennell and Bellona in the Legislative Assembly (q.v.) in 1976. In June 1978 Tepaika was elected to the National Parliament and was appointed Minister for Works and Public Utilities, and in February 1978 he became Minister for Transport and Communications in the first Kenilorea government. (Saemala 1979, 43; SND 9 July 1976)

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