Biographical entry: Razak, Moses Mohammed (1942 - )



Moses Mohammed Razak was an Indo-Fijian born in Fiji in 1942. He was brought to the Solomons by Bishop Hill (q.v.) of the Diocese of Melanesia in 1965 and employed as a building supervisor for the diocese until 1972. He married an Isabel woman and then settled in Nggela in 1971 and started a building business of his own on land purchased by his wife. In January 1973, he began the Kula Development Company with money collected from Nggela people. He was called the 'Supervisor' of the company, which was not registered. He was also a member of the District Development Committee on Nggela and in 1973 was elected to the Governing Council (q.v.) as member for Nggela. Later, he was ordained as a non-stipendiary priest in the Church of Melanesia. (NS 6 July 1973; Terry Brown, personal communication, 31 Sept. 2011)

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