Biographical entry: Qoloni, Isaac (1940 - )

16 September 1940


Isaac Qoloni from Choiseul Island was born on 16 September 1940 and was educated at Sasamungga Methodist Primary School. He trained as a teacher at Ardmore Training College near Auckland in New Zealand (1963-1964) after completing a four-year government scholarship as Wesley College in Auckland and attending Teacher Training College in New Zealand. He returned to the Solomons at the end of 1964 and taught for one year at Goldie College on Mbanga Island in the Western Solomons. He joined the public service in 1970 and attended a one-year diploma course on public and social administration in Devon in England. On his return, he was posted to Malaita as a senior executive officer. In 1968 he became an Administrative Officer Class B. Qoloni was promoted to Administrative Officer Class A. From June 1973 to September 1974 he was District Commissioner for the Western Solomons and in November 1974 served as District Commissioner Central for a few weeks. He was made Acting Permanent Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs on 20 January 1975 and was later given a permanent placement in the position. In 1978 he was Secretary to the new Prime Minister Peter Kenilorea (q.v.) and the Cabinet, and Head of the Solomon Islands Public Service. Qoloni held this position for several years before he became the country's first Ombudsman. (SND 25 July 1975, 18 June 1976; STT 27 Sept. 1978; Craig and Clement 1980, 157)

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