Biographical entry: Pugeva, George Warren (1940 - )



George Warren Pugeva was born in 1940 in Bellona, where he lived until he attended King George VI School (q.v.) at Auki for eight years. After leaving, he attended a carpentry course at the British Solomons Training College. He then worked for eight years at Yandina for Lever's Pacific Plantations (q.v.), and then for Levers' Pacific Timbers at Ringi Cove. He next returned to Honiara with the firm of D. J. Gubbay, until approached by Mr Abe of the Mitsui Company to help negotiate with the Rennell people over bauxite prospecting rights. He was a member of the SSEC and while at Yandina he served on the Church Committee. After his experiences on Rennell he decided to stand for the new Governing Council (q.v.), to which he was elected unopposed in 1970 as the member for South Guadalcanal. (NS 31 May 1970)

Published resources


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