Biographical entry: Ngumi, George (1943 - )



George Ngumi was born in 1943 on Kolombangara Island and educated at a primary school at Koriovuku on Ranongga Island, then at Vonavona Senior Primary School. He then reached Form II at King George VI School (q.v.) on Malaita in 1961.

He joined the Malaria Department as a malaria eradication technician (1961-1963), and in 1964 he attended a six-month entomology technician's course at Minj in Papua New Guinea, after which he transferred to the BSIP Medical Department. Then, after four years training at the Fiji School of Medicine (1964-1968), he gained a Diploma of Dental Surgery. He returned home to become one of only two indigenous dental officers in the Solomons. Ngumi returned to Fiji in 1970 for a year of postgraduate study, and in 1971 was posted to Auki from where he worked as a touring dental officer for the entire Protectorate. Ngumi later returned to the Central Hospital and was in charge of its dental clinic until 1973, when he was elected as member for Gizo, Ranongga, Simbo and Kolombangara in the Governing Council. (NS 7 July 1973)

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