Biographical entry: Maenu'u, Leonard (1941 - )



Leonard Maenu'u was born in 1941 in Tantalau village in west Kwara'ae, Malaita and was educated at Auki Elementary School and King George VI School (q.v.), at Aligegeo. He joined the Forestry Department as a trainee in 1958, was sent to Forestry School in Fiji in 1960, and on his return in 1961 promoted to forestry guard. In 1970, he earned a diploma in forestry in Papua New Guinea, and then joined the Lands Department in 1973, becoming the Commissioner of Lands in 1975. Later that year he became Chief Administrative Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Industry and Labour, and in 1976 he was appointed its Permanent Secretary. He held various other Permanent Secretary positions in his career. Maenu'u was married with six children. In 1977 he received an O.B.E. (SND 17 June 1977)

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