Biographical entry: Kukuti, Andrew (1943 - )



Andrew Kukuti was born at Uzamba village on Vella Lavella Island in 1943. He began his education at Methodist schools: first at Vonavona Junior Primary School on Vella Lavella (1957-1962) and then Goldie College Secondary School, where he completed Forms I and II. He joined the public service in 1964 and was sent to attend Idubada Technical College in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea from 1964-1966. There he took a general course that qualified him as having completed a further two years of secondary school. At the same time he studied carpentry, and after his return to the Solomons in 1967 the Public Works Department employed him as a carpenter for seven years. He resigned in 1973 just before he was elected as member for Vella Lavella in the Governing Council (q.v.), and in 1976 he was elected that area's member to the Legislative Council (q.v.). At the time Kukuti was married with three daughters. (NS 6 July 1973; SND 9 July 1976)

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