Biographical entry: Kuku, Samuel (1931 - )



Samuel Kuku was born in 1931 in Kolumbaghea village on New Georgia and educated at Kokeqolo Primary School, and then at Goldie College, reaching Form II in 1952. He began work as a teacher for the Methodist Mission (q.v.) (1953-1957) and attended a church ministry course at the Bible Training Institute in Auckland, New Zealand (1958-1959). In 1960, Kuku returned to Gizo and worked there as a pastor for eight years. He was a nephew of Silas Eto (q.v.), the founder of the Christian Fellowship Church that in 1960 broke away from the Methodist Church, and Kuku became that church's Education Secretary. In 1970, he was elected as New Georgia's member for the Governing Counci (q.v.). In 1972, he toured overseas as a member of the Select Committee of Constitutional Development. He was re-elected to the 1973 Governing Council (q.v.) but this was later declared invalid. Kuku was married with four children. (NS 30 June 1970, 6 July 1973)

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