Biographical entry: Fallowes, Richard Prince (1901 - )



Richard Fallowes was born in Sussex, England in 1901, son of Rev. John Prince Fallowes and Agnes C. V. Champion de Crespigny. Educated at Pembroke College, Oxford (1923-1927), he served as a curate in England (1924-1929) before joining the Melanesian Mission (q.v.) as a missionary at Maravovo on Guadalcanal (1928-1929) and at Bugotu on Isabel (1929-1934). In the latter year he resigned after conflict with the Protectorate Government and was charged with, and found guilty of, inflicting corporal punishment. He left the islands in 1935 suffering from severe depression. In 1938, he returned unlicensed to Isabel, where he helped organise a political council known as the Chair and Rule movement (q.v.), which led to his deportation in July 1939. (Bennett 1987, 259-263; Bain BDACP)

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