Biographical entry: Beti Opokana, Geoffrey (1946 - )

18 September 1946


Geoffrey Beti Opokana was born on 18 September 1946, on Hobu Hobu Island in New Georgia's Roviana Lagoon. He was educated at the Government Primary School in Honiara (1958-1952), King George VI School (q.v.) (1963-1966), and the University of Papua New Guinea where he earned a B.A. in 1971. He was a Lands Officer (1971-1972), District Officer at Kirakira (1972), and a teacher at King George VI School (1973-1976). He became the member for Roviana and North New Georgia in the Legislative Assembly (q.v.) in 1976. (SND 9 July 1976; Craig and Clement 1980, 14)

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