Party: Western Pacific High Commissioners


The office of High Commissioner was created by an Order in Council of 1877 to head the new Western Pacific High Commission. Up to 1952 they were also Governors of Fiji. The High Commissioners were:

1877 Sir Arthur Hamilton Gordon
1880 Sir George William Des Voeux
1887 Sir Charles Bullen Hugh Mitchell
1888 Sir John Bates Thurston
1897 Sir George Thomas Michael O'Brien
1901 William Lamond Allardyce (acting)
1902 Sir Henry Moore Jackson
1904 Sir Everard F. im Thurn
1911 Sir Francis Henry May
1912 Sir Ernest Bickham Sweet-Escott
1918 Sir Cecil Hunter Rodwell
1925 Sir Eyre Hutson
1929 Sir Arthur George Murchinson Fletcher
1936 Sir Arthur Frederick Richards
1938 Sir Harry Charles Luke
1942-1945 position suspended
1945 Sir Alexander William George Herder Grantham
1948 Sir Leslie Brian Freestone
1952 Sir Robert Christopher Stafford Stanley (q.v.) (from 1953 based in Honiara)
1955 Sir John Gutch (q.v.)
1961 Sir David Trench (q.v.)
1964 Sir Robert Sidney Foster
1969 Sir Michael David Irving Gass (q.v.)
1973 Sir Donald Collin Cumyn Luddington (q.v.)

The appointment ceased in 1974 and became Governor of Solomon Islands (q.v.)

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