Corporate entry: Solomon Islands National Council of Women


Solomon Islands National Council of Women (SINCW) was established in 1983 as an autonomous non-government organization (NGO) to represent women and address issues of concern to them. It is the national umbrella NGO body for women, and the political forum for advancement of women within which they can speak out on issues that affect them. It encourages women's participation in decision-making processes. The first aim of the SINCW is to provide an avenue to promote mutual understanding, cooperation, consultation and networking among all focal points both in Honiara and the provinces that are responsible for training, information, and projects, and particularly the overall development of women as specified in the Solomon Islands National Women's Policy. A second aim is to facilitate women's representation at all levels of decision-making in both the governmental and private sectors, and to ensure that women's views and concerns are heard and addressed constructively. A third aim is to promote closer networking with the Women's Development Division churchwomen's groups, NGOs and government ministries around any development programmes and projects that address women's basic and strategic needs and issues. A final aim is to promote a forum on and present a voice, to the government and other concerned authorities regarding issues that hinder implementation of the Solomon Islands National Women's Policy and the development of women.

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