Corporate entry: St. Mary's School, Pamua, Makira



After a series of failures at other locations (Bungana, Gwigeo), Nellie Steed founded the Diocese of Melanesia St. Mary's School for girls at the old Pamua site in about 1951. It became the premier Diocese of Melanesia girls' school, parallel with the All Hallows' School on Pawa (q.v.) for boys. Pawa and Pamua were combined, and closed, by Bishop John Chisholm (q.v.) to form the new co-educational Selwyn College (q.v.) in 1969 near Ngalibu in east Guadalcanal. The Anglican Church retained the Pamua site, first as a training centre and now as St. Stephen's Community College, a combined Diocese of Hanuato'o secondary school and rural training centre. (Terry Brown, personal communication, 26 July 2011)

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