Place: Nukumanu (Tasman) Atoll


Nukumanu is within the territorial borders of Papua New Guinea but is the closest neighbour of Ontong Java Atoll (q.v.), and over many generations the two Polynesian atoll communities have been linked by much intermarriage. They share patterns of kinship and social organization, trade relationships and a maritime way of life, and their languages are similar. Between 1899 and 1900, the British wrongly thought that Nukumanu was part of BSIP. In 1902 Arthur Mahaffy (q.v.) was sent to the atoll to take away the British flag and in 1906 Resident Commissioner Woodford (q.v.) visited the atoll and formally withdrew British claims to it. (Christensen 2010, 42-43; Richards 2012, 88-89)

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