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A multi-racial Solomon Islands Club, later called the Honiara Club, opened in July 1964, temporarily setting up in one of the labour line Quonset buildings near the Central District Office on Mendana Avenue. Dr Gideon Zoleveke (q.v.) was elected President, Albert Kuper Vice-President, B. Buchanan Secretary and Solomon Dakei (q.v.) the Treasurer. The trustees were Fred Osifelo (q.v.) and Ron Lawson. The club was officially opened on 2 March 1965 by Chief Secretary M. D. Irving Gass (q.v.), who announced that the club had been granted a piece of land overlooking the Mataniko River to build permanent premises. In its first year membership grew from seventeen to eighty. By 1966 the club was planning to build its new premises in 1967-1968, and the Solomon Islander members of its committee were Zoloveke, Osifelo, Michael Musuota, Luke Dangopiru, Michael Rapasia (q.v.), Silas Sitai (q.v.), Peter Naturanga, Joseph Molia, Olle Torling and Gerald Malkmus. Work began on the new building in 1969. (NS 15 Aug. 1964, 15 Mar. 1965, 15 Aug. 1965, 11 Aug. 1966, 21 Aug. 1967, 31 July 1969)

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