Corporate entry: All Saints' Cathedral, Honiara


The first Anglican cathedral in the Solomon Islands was St. Luke's (q.v.) at Siota, Nggela. The next was All Saints' Cathedral, a temporary structure in Honiara made from two Quonset huts cleverly put together and suitably painted, with wide verandahs decked out with carved posts. The structure served the Anglican community in Honiara for more than twenty years and was located near where the present All Saints' Church stands in the Church of Melanesia compound in Honiara, at the beginning of Hibiscus Avenue. Rev. Con Montford described it as 'not without its merits. It could accommodate a large congregation and it had space and dignity in its own rather unusual way. As most services were either early in the morning or late in the afternoon it did not matter that it had an unlined roof, and the open sides gave us plenty of ventilation, so that even on the rare occasions when we had a midday service the heat was bearable'. (Montford 1994, 81; NS June 1960; Feb. 1961) All Saints' was replaced by St. Barnabas' Cathedral (q.v.) in the 1960s.

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