Biographical entry: Waddell, Alexander (Nick)


Alexander (Nick) Waddell arrived in the Solomon Islands in 1937 and was appointed to the Kirakira government station in 1938. During his time in the Protectorate he served at Auki, Tulagi, Kirakira, Faisi and Gizo. In 1941, he was posted to Faisi in the Shortlands until the Japanese invasion early in 1942, when he returned to Tulagi. He joined the coastwatchers (q.v.) and was sent by submarine to Choiseul with Carden Seton, who managed a plantation in the Western Solomons. There they established their base at Vouza, recruited some former policemen to assist them, and were on the air by mid-October. They stayed operational for eighteen months. In 1945 Waddell served as acting High Commissioner for two months before he was posted to Malaya. Sir Alexander was knighted while he was Governor of Sarawak. He returned to the Solomons in 1969 for a short visit. (NS 31 May 1969)

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