Biographical entry: Taloifuila, Jack


Jack Taloifuila was born on Sulufou Island in Lau Lagoon, the nephew of Kwaisulia (q.v.) of Adagege Island. When he was about sixteen years old he was taken to Mackay on a labour trade schooner. He remained there for about sixteen years and became a Christian at Selwyn Anglican Mission and was the star pupil there. In the early 1900s, after the announcement was made that Islanders would be deported, he asked to be sent to Norfolk Island, via Sydney and Auckland, to be trained to return to carry on mission work to Malaita. He was much older than the other students and did not learn easily, preferring the farm and chapel life outside of the classroom. After two years he returned to Malaita and in 1904 began a mission school on land at Fouia on the mainland opposite Sulufou, despite opposition from his uncle Kwaisulia (q.v.). Taloifuila married Mary. He was taken to Siota to study to be a deacon in recognition of his devotion. In 1919, he returned to Siota to study for the priesthood.

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