Biographical entry: Rini, Snyder (1949 - )

27 July 1949
Prime Minister


Snyder Rini was born on 27 July 1949 at Telina in Marovo Lagoon in the Western District. He attended Kukudu Primary School (1964-1966), Betikama Secondary School (1967-1969), Kambubu High School in Papua New Guinea (1970), the University of Papua New Guinea (1971) and the University of Technology in Lae (1972-1974), where he obtained a degree in accountancy. He was Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Natural Resources in 1989, and Chairman of the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund from 1990 to 1996. Rini held Permanent Secretary positions in the Ministry of National Planning and Development (1994-1995) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (1997), before he was first elected to the National Parliament in August 1997. He served as Minister for Finance and Treasury (2002-2001) in the first Sogavare Government, and when re-elected in 2002 became Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for National Planning and Development. In December 2002, he moved to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, and in mid-2003 became Minister for Education and Human Resources Development. He maintained his position as Deputy Prime Minister and remained in the Ministry until 2006. He was re-elected again in 2006 and became Prime Minister, which sparked riots that destroyed Honiara's Chinatown and other areas of the city. He was nevertheless sworn in on 20 April, but resigned after seven days when he faced an immediate motion of no-confidence in the Parliament.

Rini became Shadow Minister of National Planning and Aid Coordination. After the defeat of the second Sogavare Government, Rini became Minister for Finance and Treasury in the Sikua and Philip governments, beginning on 21 December 2007. (; [both accessed 29 July 2011])