Biographical entry: Pitakomöki, Isaac ( - 1971)

29 October 1971


Isaac Pitakomöki was born in Bubukuana village in the Varisi area of Choiseul early in the twentieth century. He was taken from his village during tribal fighting and some years later went to Kokeqolo Methodist school for ten years. At Roviana he attended school and was trained as a medical worker. After this he was posted to Bougainville, arriving on 15 December 1929. Isaac began medical work at Tonu and assisted with preaching and teaching. During the Second World War, he and his family fled to the middle of the island. After the war he worked at Pikei for seven years, and then spent three years as a medical worker at his wife's village of Kabotokori. He remained there as the preacher until his death on 29 October 1971. (Beaumont 2002)

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