Biographical entry: Mary Joseph, Sister


Australian Sister Mary Joseph joined the Catholic Mission in 1941. In 1944 she was sent to the Makogai Leprosarium in Fiji for two years to specialise in the care of those suffering from leprosy (Hanson's Disease). She arrived in the Protectorate in 1946 and in 1949 became sister-in-charge of the Government Leprosarium at Tetere, where she remained for the rest of her time in the Solomons, improving and extending the hospital. She was awarded an M.B.E. in 1957. That same year a World Health Organisation survey found that two-thirds of known leprosy patients in the Protectorate were being treated at Tetere and the mission leprosariums. The use of DDS (Diphenyl-dimena-sulphone) was an effective cure for most cases, rendering them non-contagious. (NS Jan, Oct. 1957)

Published resources


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