Biographical entry: Kari, Hilda


Hilda Kari, an Assistant Administrative Officer in the Labour Division of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Industry and Labour, was in August 1976 appointed as the first full-time Labour Inspector. She became the first and until 2012 the only female member of the National Parliament when she successfully contested the 1989 bye-election for the North East Guadalcanal seat after it was vacated by Waita Ben Tabusasi (q.v.) when he became Speaker. She was re-elected as member for East Central Guadalcanal in 1994 and 1997. She served at various times as Minister for Forests, Conservation and the Environment, and Minister for Women, Youth and Sports. After she failed to win the North East Guadalcanal seat in 2010, Kari became a senior health administrator and president of the National Council of Women. (SND 13 Aug. 1976; [accessed 14 July 2011])

Published resources


  • Solomons News Drum, 1974-1982. Details