Biographical entry: Halbwachs, Joseph (1881 - 1972)

5 October 1972


Father Joseph Halbwachs, born in 1881 in Alsance, France, joined the Catholic Mission in the BSIP in 1910. He left the Protectorate for one year in 1920 for further training in the priesthood in Sydney and returned in 1921, never to leave again. On 7 March 1967, he celebrated his diamond jubilee in the priesthood at Ruavatu on Guadalcanal. He died at the mission station there on 5 October 1972. Small in stature, he was fluent in several Guadalcanal and Malaitan languages and his Solomon Islands Pijin was indistinguishable from that of a Solomon Islander. (NS Dec. 1961, 7 Mar. 1967, 31 Oct. 1072)

Published resources


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