Biographical entry: Ghemu, Pulepada (1932 - )



Pulepada Ghemu was born in 1932 on Nggatokae Island in the New Georgia area of the Western District. He was educated at Seventh-day Adventist schools, including at Kobuku College in Papua New Guinea in 1954, and then taught at Seventh-day Adventist Mission schools in Papua New Guinea. In 1971 he returned to the Solomon Islands to become the Youth Director as well as evangelist for the Western Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In 1974, he won a bye-election to become member for Marovo and Kusage in the Governing Council (q.v.), and he returned as member for Marovo in the Legislative Assembly (q.v.) election in 1976. He became Minister for Trade, Industry and Labour in 1975 and maintained that position in the first National Parliament in 1978. Ghemu was a member of the Constitutional Conference delegation to London in September 1977 and also attended numerous overseas conferences and meetings, including the 1st Asian Pacific Labour Ministers' Conference in Wellington in 1978. (Saemala 1979, 41; SND 9 July 1976)

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