Biographical entry: George, Father (1892 - 1957)

5 January 1957


Father George was born in France in 1892. He was a Catholic brother and later priest who first arrived in the Protectorate in 1911 at the age of nineteen. After that he was absent from the Solomons only between 1942 and 1946 when the Japanese occupation forced him out. From 1911 until the early 1920s brother George acted as Assistant Mission Procurator, transacting Mission business with government officers and commercial firms. His next job was as operator of the Mission Press until 1942. On his return in 1946, he established the printery at Tanagai near Honiara and remained there until his retirement in 1954. He died on 5 January 1957 at the Mbuma Mission Station, in Bina Harbour on Malaita. (NS 22 Jan. 1957)

Published resources


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