Biographical entry: Eresi, Remisio (1932 - )



Remisio Eresi was born in 1932 at Nila in the Shortlands, where he received his primary education (1948-1950). After he left school he joined the BSIP Medical Department and later travelled to Fiji for medical studies at the Medical School at Suva Central Hospital (1951-1954) and the Fiji School of Medicine (1955-1959). On his return to the Solomons he worked as an Assistant Medical Officer for the Medical Department before transferring to the Geological Services Department. He resigned from government service in 1967 and returned to Nuhu in the Shortlands where he was a member of the Choiseul and Shortlands Council (1970) and became its President. In 1970 he was elected as the Choiseul/Shortlands member in the 1970 Governing Council (q.v.), and then in 1976 as the Shortlands member in the Legislative Assembly (q.v.). He was married with two children. (NS 31 May 1970; SND 9 July 1976)

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