Biographical entry: Beu, Jason


Jason Beu was an SSEM gospel preacher from Sarawasi village in south Malaita. He was born into a traditional life and in his youth recruited as a labourer to Liapari on Baga Island and to Rendova Island. He returned to Malaita and went to the SSEM school at Onepusu. He then joined the crew of the SSEM's ship the Evangel, and later accompanied Norman Deck (q.v.) as houseboy while he was based for two years at Star Harbour, Makira. Beu then became the station keeper for the missionaries at Waisisi, in the west of Small Malaita, and when the Second World War (q.v.) began he was left to look after the property there. Beu could not swim and drowned in 1969 when his canoe, laden with stones for a new wharf, sank in Maramasike Passage. (NS 31 July 1969)

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