Place: Vaivila Fishing Village, Honiara


As Honiara grew in size, there was an increasing problem with lack of accommodation. Malaitans settled as squatters in various areas. One such area was on the coast at Kukum, opposite what is now the road to Vura. This was a section of rocky beach with no sand, but it was not an entirely alien environment to Lau and Langalanga Lagoon people used to life on artificial islands made from coral rock. The first settlers came in the early 1950s, and often had jobs in the hospitals established nearby. In 1968 the government formalised their occupation, issuing them Temporary Occupation Licences, and by 1970 there were eighteen houses there with water supplies and toilets. Today, 'Fisheries', as it is known, is a huge coastal village with an ever-expanding Sunday roadside market. (NS 15 Feb. 1970)

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