Corporate entry: Solomons Toktok


The first private newspaper in the Solomon Islands after the Kakamora Reporter (1970-1975) was the Solomons Toktok, originally published as the Melanesian Nius and the Kiokio Nius, and edited by George Atkin. It started in 1977 and continued publication until 1992. The Toktok might be described as the Solomons' first tabloid newspaper, and it had its own version of sensationalist reporting (one early headline read: 'Sex and Politics in Honiara-A Husband's Lament'). It competed with the government-owned Solomons News Drum and was intended to have more popular appeal. (From Ian Frazer, 'Solomon Islands Newspapers', in PAMBU, series 5, no. 5, May 1997)