Place: Red House


Just as the U.S. has its White House in Washington D.C., the Solomon Islands has its Red House, the official home of the Prime Ministers. The Red House was built in the 1950s as the home of the Secretary for Finance, a senior Western Pacific High Commission officer. It was first used as a home for the leader of the government by Chief Minister Peter Kenilorea in 1976 and also when he became the first Prime Minister in July 1978. Since then most Prime Ministers have used the Red House as their official residence, although some of them have also lived elsewhere in Honiara at various times. The Red House is not grand and has only three bedrooms. It is positioned high on Vivaya Ridge overlooking Honiara with views out to sea and inland. Today, the modern National Parliament is located close by. (Sir Peter and Lady Kenilorea, personal communication, Sept. 2012)