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The largest Chinese company in the Solomon Islands in the 1960s was Quan Hong Pty. Ltd., which had a large bĂȘche-de-mer processing factory at Kukum, and its famous Joy Biscuit factory at Panatina. They were also importers and exporters, plantation owners, ship owners and general merchants, and had plans to build a hotel on a site near the Kukum football field. The company had other branches at Yandina, Gizo, Lire, Sydney and Hong Kong. The Joy Biscuit Factory, with a breadfruit tree as its trademark, began production in 1957. In 1958, the factory had forty-two workers and produced 2,500 pounds of Navy Biscuits and 500 of bread per day. By 1962 the company produced 4,800 pounds of biscuits and 1,800 of bread daily, with a staff of seventy-eight, all but eight of them Solomon Islanders. In 1966, Mr C. Y. Chan was appointed Manager to replace Mr K. H. Ip. (NS Nov. 1957, 30 Nov. 1962, 31 Mar. 1967, 7 June 1967)

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Quang Hong Pty Ltd viewed from inside Golden Dragon Bar, Auki, Malaita
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