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  • British Solomon Islands News Sheet


The Information Service was a long-established section of the Protectorate Government. It operated as an information service for the government both locally and internationally, and provided the news broadcasts for the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Service (q.v.). It also produced the fortnightly BSIP News Sheet from 1955 to 1974, when it was replaced by the Solomons News Drum (see Newspapers). Information Services also provided photographs and visual aids for the government and some limited commercial photographic services.

In January 1972, Information Services and Broadcasting Services, the Library and the Museum were amalgamated into one department. The move was intended to help develop national identity and foster the interdependence of the Protectorate's many communities. There was also a need to communicate events from within and outside the Protectorate in a way that was accessible to the public, and to provide a means of spreading knowledge of government policies and assisting general education. In the absence of established private media such as radio and newspapers, the government felt it had an obligation to develop government-owned media and library facilities.

At a cultural level, the government wanted to encourage Solomon Islands music, dancing, oral testimony collection and general cultural activities and to ensure the display and preservation of material culture. This new department provided an umbrella over the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Service (later Corporation [q.v.]), Solomon Islands Museum (q.v.) and the Solomon Islands Public Library (which became the National Library of Solomon Islands [q.v.]), and coordinated their activities with the government Information Service. There was a staff of three expatriates within an establishment of thirty officers. Localisation was a priority and arrangements were made for overseas training. (AR 1974, 107-114)

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