Cultural Artefact: Constitution of 1970



The new Constitution officially went into effect on 10 April 1970 by an Order of the Privy Council in London. The Order provided for a new, single Governing Council (q.v.) consisting of the High Commissioner, up to nine official members (three ex-officio and not more than six public servants). The number of elected members was increased from fourteen to seventeen. The Executive Council was abolished. The Governing Council had Executive Committees in place of the former Legislative and Executive Councils. There were six Malaitan District constituencies, six in Central District (including Honiara), three in Western District, and two in Eastern District. For the first time, elected members outnumbered the official members.

In 1973, the number of elected members was increased again, to twenty-four, and public service membership was discontinued. (NS 15 Apr. 1970; AR 1974, 137; Russell 1970)

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