Corporate entry: Select Committee on Constitutional Development, 1968-1969


At the last meeting of the Legislative Council in 1968, a Select Committee on the Interim Proposals for Constitutional Development was appointed, chaired by the Chief Secretary and including all of the elected members. The proposals were based on a White Paper entitled 'Interim Proposals on Constitutional Development', which suggested a system of government which would depart from the Westminster system in favour of a single council with executive committees. This system had been used successfully in other British colonies, particularly Ceylon, although the local justification suggested the system would be more conducive to Melanesian culture. The Select Committee published its report in April 1969, and in May presented it to the Legislative Council, which adopted it unanimously in June. The Committee suggested that the Executive Council be renamed the Governing Council (q.v.) and split into a number of Executive Committees to allow elected members a closer involvement with the decisions of the government. Every elected member was to be on at least one committee. (NS no. 8, 1969, no. 9, 1969; AR 1969, 3)

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