Concept: Cattle Industry


There was a cattle industry in the Protectorate before the Second World War attached to copra plantations. All of the animals were eaten during the war and in 1952 the Colonial Development and Welfare Fund provided the finances to re-establish Hereford-Zebu cross cattle herds on Guadalcanal. In 1964, to assist with establishing and improving breeding herds, the government began to subsidise the costs of shipping cattle from the New Hebrides, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. Levers Pacific Plantations (q.v.) introduced cattle on their plantations as a natural brushing mechanism, and their herds increased from 3,300 in 1963 to 4,300 in 1965. They aimed to stabilise the herd at six thousand head. The government also subsidised the importation of bulls, cows and heifers. (PIM Sept. 1952; NS 15 Aug 1964, 30 Sept. 1964; AR 1963-1964, 29)

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