Corporate entry: Agricultural and Industrial Loans Board


The Agricultural and Industrial Loans Board was established by statute in 1955. The funds came from the Protectorate Colonial Development and Welfare allocations, largely financed by the sale of Japanese assets in Asia. By 1966 the Board had made $105,749 in loans, with much larger amounts available beginning in the late 1960s: $169,926 in 1969, $198,703 in 1973 and $192,452 in 1974. In the latter year the loans were for agriculture and livestock projects (sixty-two), small businesses (twenty-two), fisheries marine equipment (four) and retail stores attached to copra-marketing centres (eight). The loans were intended to encourage indigenous business endeavours. In 1978 the Board was converted into the Development Bank of the Solomon Islands. (AR 1974, 3; Allan 1990, pt. 2, 113)

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